Instagram Stories – everyone’s favorite Snapchat rip-off – has launched a feature that lets you put music over your visual creations. We reported on this potentially happening around two months ago, but it’s set to roll-out to some users shortly.

Over 400m people use Stories every day, so there’s little doubt this is going to be a popular update. It’s gonna change people’s lives.

Want to put “Funky Town” over a video of you drinking a beer? You now can. Fancy placing “Funky Town” over your dog rubbing its arse on the kitchen floor? You go, girl! Recording your granddad’s funeral on your iPhone? “Funky Town” that sucker up, we’re in the future now.

Adding music to a story will work in the same way as adding location or weather data, which you do with the face-sticker icon on the top right of the screen. You can see how it’ll look in action here: