With progression in the web design process more and more designs related to markup language were introduced. The languages were more efficient in creating WebPages but it got more complex. Flexibility was the main advantage of these high level languages. The new languages enabled features like adding objects like tables and pictures to the webpage. Tables which were initially used for representing information in the form of tables were later developed to be used as invisible layout devices. The CSS or the Cascading Style Sheets was one of the very first languages that were standardized to be used for designing WebPages. But soon they became outdated and tables were replaced by something better.

Various other design standards including server-side scripting that used technologies like Database integration were introduced in the web design market. W3C came as revolutionary method of web design and is responsible for the way the web design market looks now. The development when it comes to web design always shows an exponential graph. The codes are changing and the visual effects are becoming better.  The codes and the visual effects are the mark of development. With web design as the base, right now there are more than thousand companies in the world that make their income solely by web designing. In fact the industry is so huge that it can be compared any other business like steel and medicine. Most of the companies have branches spread out in India and Russia. This is because the labor rates in these countries are quite low and in India especially manpower is an added advantage. Web design started its work just for advertising initially. When web design was introduced at first, no one at that time would have thought about online marketing. But with advent of technology in the electronics field, business also started with local companies allowing people to buy stuff just by ordering them on the internet. Web design has been growing in a parallel lane with electronic technology. Recently social networking has been the hype about web designing.

Websites like Facebook and Orkut are the examples of well planned and well structured web design. Collaborative design is the key to such high profile websites. Better technologies are evolving everyday and there is no end to the development process. With more requirements for better uses of web design engineers are trying to create more efficient methods. At first people started playing around with creating homepages for their own use. Some of them got more curious and started to create better web designing language with their own creativity. A lot of companies like Microsoft Corporation, Java, Google and many others have separate research sections just for development of web design. A web site is a compilation of data about a specific subject. To present them in the most fashionable way was the initial aim of web design. But the aim and objective of web design has changed completely nowadays. It is used mainly for competing among rivals in the business market. The most important objective of web design has been to make a living out of web design.

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