Building an online web presence plays a significant role for better promotion and advancement of services and products. This is also one of the most essential aspects for most companies that need to have a wide-range of advertising and to make a remarkable trademark to their valuable customers. Thus, having an effective, stylish and high-quality website are certainly important factors to consider for any businesses offering their services and products online. As the online competition gets tougher and stronger, the demand for every business to have a well-established website is continuously increasing. Now, more companies are focused on creating a well-designed website that will definitely stand out among any other business competitors. As we can see, web design has growing in importance because it really helps a lot for achieving their main business goal – online marketing.

Web Design will surely require a lot of effort as well as creativity and planning. The most important thing to consider is to make your website user-friendly, functional and eye-catching. Listed below are the basic tips and recommendations that would be helpful in creating an effective, competent and high-quality website.

1. Fast Loading

This is the most significant factor to consider in designing a website. A web designer must ensure that the loading of the site does not take long time in order for a visitor to go through on your site. Avoid heavy or bulky files that can slow down the loading of the pages. Limiting the use of graphics would also help to have a faster loading. As much as possible, post minimal photos so that the site would have a neat and better appearance.

2. Clear Navigation

To make visitors stay longer on your site, proper and clear navigation should be accomplished. Make sure that all important links are placed on the area, preferably on the top where visitors can easily see it. Having all your information accessible from all parts of the site also helps you to make visitors be familiar with all the services and products your site offers. Always remember having a simple and easy-to-use website always encourages visitors to become interested to read its entire content.

3. Clean Layout Design

A clean layout design also has a significant role for achieving an effective website. It should be bear in mind that the first impression of a visitor towards your site really does matter. Proper arrangement of graphics, fonts and tables also make the site more attractive and captivating that gives them certain reasons to stay connected on your site. Using professional and uniform fonts that suits the theme of the site must be also considered. Same with the color combination, the color of the text and background should be contrast with each other in order to easily read the site’s information. As much as possible, using a lot of white space truly helps in enhancing the overall design of the site.

4. Proper use of words

Use short, clear and precise words in all the description of the page. Making it simple will make visitors easily understand all the information stated on the site.

5. Search-Engine Friendly

No matter how attractive and appealing the design of the website, this will be unrecognizable if only few visitors get connected on your site. If the site is a search-engine friendly, there’s a greater chance that it will be viewed by more visitors. To make the site gains more backlinks, selecting right keywords should be done in order to drive more traffics on your site. Increasing its link popularity will definitely help the site to achieve better promotions on services and products of one’s company.

6. Support all Resolutions

Having a site that supports all resolutions is another way to attract more visitors to become interested on your site. Imagine if your site doesn’t look good for a particular resolution, a visitor will just close the site’s window and go to other site that has better resolutions. Designing a website that fits to any screen resolution guarantees the designer that all visitors will see a visually attractive and professional site.

7. Browser Compatibility

Checking your site compatible to all major browsers will help to achieve a well-designed website. If the site does not provide compatibility to a particular browser , its overall design will be affected, giving it an unpleasant appearance on the screen. In that case, a visitor will become annoyed to your site and find another better site that can provide him more resources.

These are just basic tips and suggestions on web designing but are guaranteed useful. These can be used as guide on building website but still the overall design really depends on how you manage on creating and designing your own website.

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