If you are a photographer, amateur or experienced, you will ask the question, “Why do I need a website ?

Your question is valid at the first instance, you are a photographer and you have a studio where customers walk in and you get your business done by developing and printing rolls and thats how it works. Now where does the website come in here ? What is the value addition that a website design can give to you.

Well, let me ask you a few questions ?

1. Do you wish to grow your business ?
2. Is there are any more business in the market, for photographers, other than that you get ?
3. Do you wish to add other revenue streams to your existing business ?
4. Do you wish to popularize your brand name ?

If the answer to all the above questions is YES, than you need to read further.

A Web site design will be answer to all the above questions, a website will complement your photography business. It will create a good first impression that will last for a long time and will also build brand equity. Now do not worry about losing clients, instead look forward to making new clients, and you laugh your way to the bank.

Designing a website for photographers focussingon photography, you can do the following;

1. Grow Your Business
While you have your existing photography business, with a web design you can see your business grow. We can develop a web portal for you wherein a website will be designed for you and a dynamic interface will alsi be designed wherein you can offer to print the digital photos that you receive and send them across to the customers.

It works this way, a customer comes to your website and signs up as a member. Upon signing up, the member can then login and upload the pictures that he wishes to be printed. Upon successful uploading of the pictures, the member is asked to make the payment. After the payment is made, the photographs come to you, which you can print and deliver to the customer. Isn’t this an exciting way to increase your business. There are many more features that can be incorporated in this website design.

2. Widen your offerings
While having the website for prints, you can widen your offerings by offering print the digital pictures on TShirts, cups, mugs, caps, key chains and more items. It will work in the same way as for prints, here you can charge additionally for item as well. Still better, you can develop your own personalised gift store.

3. Cash your photographs
Since you are a photographer, it is assumed that you love photography. If you love photography, it can be assumed that you have clicked a large number of stock photographs which, most probably are just lying idlly with you. Now with website for photographers you can have an interface by which you can upload your stock photos and categorize them into different categories. You can then offer this photographs for sale for a certain amount and earn money for your stock photos. Further on, keep on clicking photographs and add to your collection of stock photos and offer that for sale.

4. Make money on others photographs
Like you, there are numerous other photographers who would be having a large collection of stock photos — but not a website for photographers. With the web design for photographers, we can create an interface wherein the fellow photographers can sign up as a photographer and offer his stock photos for sale, and upon every sale that he makes you get a pre-decided commission, so that makes you money as well.

5. Sell other media as well
With this web design for photographers, you can also opt to sell other medias like footage and sound clips, which only add to your revenues.

Web Design Temple, can develop website for photgraphers. Most web design companies do not have any idea of what photography is, these companies are general web designers who make websites for all and any companies. While, Web Design Temple has a profound knowledge of photography and years of experience in the web designing field. We specialize in designing website for photographers.

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