Following up on our last article, where we discussed designing different websites for different countries, languages or sensibilities. Let us now discuss the important reasons/benefit of having a website in multiple languages.

The internet is growing daily and every businesses and individuals use it as their focal contact point. People source out products, service and information from the internet. To move ahead of the competition and the rat race web designing in ultiple languages will give the required boost to acquire new clients and achieve higher sales volume in every progressive month. In the next few years to come, designing a website in multiple languages will become a necessity to be know as an international company.

1. English is no longer the dominant language.
Agreed, that the internet started off as an invention by english speaking people and for long it was dominated by the english speaking users and their websites. Even the users visiting their websites were the ones who used to speak english. But now, the times are changing, with the PC penetration increasing day by day and the prices of computer hardware falling very sharply more and more non english speaking nations are getting access to the internet, the day is not far when the non english speaking users will outnumber english speaking users.
So, you need to develop your website in languages other than english as well.

2. Low Budget Marketing Tool
Doesn’t it make good business sense to communicate with a lot of potential customers who have been ignored till date just because of the language barrier. You can develop a multi lingual website and target this potential customers, at just fraction of a cost. There is not additioal amrketing expense, other than the transational charges and you reach a whole new lot of potential customers.

3. Get New Customers
This is not rocket science, if you design a website in various languages, you will be able to reach out to more people, more potential customers, and more potential customers mean a high chance of converting them into your customers. Which company in the world does not want new customers. Your multilingual website will help you in getting new customers. If your website is developed in my mouther language or my national language, I will be obviously attracted to your website than other websites.

4. More Languages mean more sales
The number of additional languages that you add to your website is directly proportional ot your sales figure. If an additional language gets you 5 new customers, than it means that if you add 4 languages you will have 20 new customers, and the investment going into each additional language will be just minimal.

5. Customer Care
If your website is developed in my local language or my national language, I would certainly feel that here is a company who is concerned about their customers. This company here have its website in multiple languages takes an effort to communicate effectively with it’s customer. A website design in multiple language will signify the fact that you care about the customer even before doing business, and they will want to do business with you.

6. Faith
People can easily trust and put their faith on company/people who speaks their own language. When you are targetting various countries, it makes business sense to develop a trust & faith ration with this new potential customers and make them to buy from you, as they know that they are buying from someone with whom they can coomunicate in a common language.

7. Run ahead from competitors.
This is the real gem of any business. If you think ahead and work ahead of your competitors — you’ll beat all of them. So, get your web design in multiple languages and get ahead from your competitors.

8. Respect different cultures.
If you make a website with different languages. make sure that you get the grammar and languages in the roght shape. Probably, get the translation done by an expert. This will ensure that you know and respect different languages, cultures and sensibilities.

9. Multi National Company.
To be a multi national company, it is absolutely necessary that you communicate with different people in different companies, in their own language respecting their culture. If your website reflects, nothing like it !

10. Local Search Engines
For english speaking users, Google and Yahoo are the most famous search engines, but there are various local search engines which non english speaking users prefer and use daily. If you have a website in multiple languages, your website will be indexed in this local search engines and a very good chance of tapping these markets is in your hands. Unless you have a website in the local search engines language, your website will not be indexed in it.

Additionally, leading search engines are also seen to develop their websites and index in different languages of the world. This step of theirs is aimed at increasing the user base. So, develop your website in multiple languages and reap the benefits of the same.

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