You have made a fantastic website, getting the best web designer to design your website and have also put it up and launched the same, now what ? Nothing.

Yes, absolutely nothing, unless and until people know about your website and they keep coming onto it. The basic pupose of any website should be to bring business for its owners. Websites can bring in more business only if they rank higher on search engines, and to rank your website higher on search engines you need to promote your website which is also known as web promotion or search engine optimization.

In many of our previous articles, we have stressed the importance of Web Promotion.

You can undertake the web promotion or search engine optimization of your website whenever you wish, i.e. to say that you can get your website promoted while it is being designed or after the website is designed and launched. But it makes business sense, to go for web promotion while your website is still being designed. This can be attributed to the following facts;

Famous search engines have provided with web designing guidelines to rank higher in search engines
Web Promotion can be effectively done by your web designer.

Basically, web promotion is the job of your web designer or website developer. Before you award the web designing contract to a web designer it is very important for the web designing company to know the importance of Web Promotion. A web designer who does not know what web promotion or search engine optimization is will not create a search engine friendly website and with that your chances of getting higher rabk in search engines will be destroyed. So, a basic thumb rule would be to hire only professional web dsigners who know the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Web Promotion.

Well, but it will not be an easy job to get the web designing company on the same lines of thinking as yours. They know the importance of SEO and web promotion but rarely do pay more attention in developing the pages for that goal. Without exception, all the web designers focus all of their energies in creating a website which looks cool and is visually appealing. In this venture, they lose out on the focus on search engines. Each and every web designer has his own set of methods and ways of designing a website. So, how and what will you talk to your web designer so that web promotion is integrated with your web designing. That is to say, what brief should be given to the web designer that your website ranks higher on search engines and yet looks very attractive too.

1. Importance of Web Promotion or Search Engine Optimization
The first step would be let your web designer understand the importance of ranking high in a search engine. How important is it for you and your business to rank at the top of search engine results. If your web developer does not understand this, he will not design a search engine friendly website. You have to make him understand that a website however attractive will be rendered useless if it does not rank high on search engines. Search Engine is the place where all the inquiries and traffic is generated . If your website is promoted well, potential customers will be able to find your site on search engines which will translate into more leads and more sales.

2. Visually appealing websites
Some web designers will insist that if you want to make a search engine friendly website than your website should have less of graphics and images and more of text. While this stands true to a certain extent, but in no way it means that your website should not be attractive. There are many visually appealing websites that rank higher on search engines. So, do take care that you are not botched with a website which might rank higher on search engines but is not visually appealing. You need both !

3. Guidelines
Ask the web designer to follow the Web Designing Guidelines by Google. If this guidelines are followed — most probably you will start ranking higher in a few months.

4. Communication is the KEY !
While the designing of your website is under process, be in constant touch with the web designer. Start working with the web designer well before he makes the design. Inform him of your important keywords, and if possible, furnish him with the content about your company, your products and services, because no one kows your business better than you. Make sure that web designer understands your content very well and applies his own presence of mind instead of just pasting the content.

5. Original Content
Again, do not ignore the importance of relevant content when you wish to have a website designed which will rank higher in search engines. Provide the content which contains your keywords. Make sure that the content is original and not duplicated from anywhere else.

6. Links – Internal & External
Inform your web designer that there should be no dead links – internal or external on your website. All the links on your website should be accesible from atleast one page from within your website.

7. Alt Tags
Ask the web designer to provide ALT tags to provide a keyword-rich description for every image on your site.

If the above is to be summed up in brief, Before getting a website design, ask your web designer to;

  • Develop a website which will rank higher in search engines
  • Follow the guidelines provided by Google
  • Develop original content with keywords included in it
  • Get Incoming links from relevant websites

Web Design Temple, is a web designing company, web promotion and Search Engine Optimization company specializing in developing original and interactive content for your web design prohect. We also design websites that rank higher on search engines and bring more business for you.

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