Web Designing for Clients — Ask this questions first !

If you are a web designer and have just landed that plum web designing contract, to design an attractive website for a client, than you would have already started preparing yourself to deliver on the deal, but before you start web designing, ask the following questions to your client.

Asking these questions and getting proper answers for them will help you immensely as a web designer in understanding the client, his business and his sensibilities. Also it will help you a lot in selecting the suitable structure and colors for your web designing contract. It will give you a precise understanding of what needs to be done. You can either ask this questions to the client, face to face or you can send the questions to client and receive the answers by email. While at first it may seem a bit odd to ask questions regarding web designing, but it definetely helps in the long run.

1. Business
What business is the client in, and what type of website will suplement the clients business.

2. Purpose
The client already has a business, and probably it is running well right now, without a web design. Than what is the purpose of having a website.

3. Business Growth
How does the client expect the website to help them achieve growth in business. What message is the website supposed to give?

4. Target Audience
Who is the target audience of the clients website. Is it a B2B or a B2C website. What is the age group of the audience. What is geographical location of the audience.

5. Primary Goal
What is the primary goal of a website? Is it an information site, revenue generating website, ecommerce website or inquiry generating website?

6. Uniqueness
What is the USP of the client that the web design will offer to potential customers.

7. Web Knowledge
What is the depth of the clients knowledge of internet and world wide web. The answer to this question will be an indicator to the understanding the client possess about the overall working and web designing.

8. Web Hosting & Domain
Does the client need web hosting and domain registration services or has it been already subscribed and registered. If the domain is already registered, than are the registrant details correct with the registry.

9. Final Approval
After the website design is complete who will provide the final approval on the web design contract? If it is someone else than people on the team, than make sure that he understands the web designning concepts well and is kept upto date of the web designing progress.

10. Data Format
The data which is to be provided by the client is it in electronic format or does the web designer need to type all the content. If it is in electronic format than does the designer need to handle file conversions

11. Design or Resdesign
Has the website got to be designed from a scratch or is it to be modified or just redesigned. If it is to be modified, than what additions is the clinet looking to make to the existing web design.

12. Client Preferences
What are the client preferences regarding the look and feel of the website. If possible, the web designer should show a few samples to clients and give them references of the previous websites designed by the web designer.

13. Color Preferences
Does the client like any particular color? The color to be used on the website is to be matched with the colors of the existing stationery or marketing material.

14. Design Preferences
Is flash to be used ? or only HTML website will suffice.

15. Credit Link
Can the web designer provide a link to his website crediting that the client website is designed by him.

16. Maintenance
Who is going to care of maintaining the website, the client will do it in house or the web designer has to do it. Whoever takes the charge of maintaining the website should make sure that the conetnt on the website is relevant, good and fresh. Do remember to update the website atleast once in a week.

That should be all. If you ask the above 16 questions to your web designing client before starting to design a website, and get all your answers you will definetely design a fabolous website.

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