When it comes to that time when you need to renew an existing site or actually getting your first website, one the biggest factors that will concern you is the design and the inherit cost with that design.

There are 2 routes for you to consider Templates & Designed Websites.


You can pick up template websites at an amazingly small cost and simply add your own content or of course ask a web designer to add the content for you. The huge advantage with templates apart from the obvious cost benefit is that the majority of templates are designed and tested by professionals so you can reply on the code being search engine friendly and of course easy to work with. With so many template websites out there you can of course find a fantastic range of templates from animal breeders to zoologists combined with the fact you can see your design before you part with any money it makes a template website more and more attractive.

The down side to template sites are they are available for anyone to buy and use so you could end up using the same site as a competitor or many competitors however this is extremely unlikely. The sites themselves do not really offer room to add your own ideas unless you want to build them from scratch again which defects the purpose of templates.

Overall templates sites are great if you are concerned with cost and not overly worried about the very unlikely chance a competitor will end up using the same template.

Designed Websites

Designed sites are for those seeking a site that is completely unique to them and will likely combine not just unique content but databases, e-commerce, company graphics and dynamic features.

There are 2 main concerns with having a designed website, the cost and the designer.

The cost will always be much higher however compared with the rewards of having a professional website built around you and/or your company will certainly out weigh any cost concerns providing you have the budget.

The designer is you perhaps your first priority once you have decided to invest in a designed website. Making sure the designer you choose has the ability to not only create exactly what you want but make it search engine friendly and coded to the highest standards.

Overall a designed site is where any business who wants to deal with its customers online should be thinking however you need to budget in the first instance.

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