The colors of nation’s flag usually have special meaning and often invoke strong emotions in people that see their flag. An American seeing red white and blue will have different emotions related to the colors and the flag itself. There are 24 countries with red white and blue flags and using these three colors in your website design can bring out a feeling that you may, or may not, want with your client.

Here is a partial list of what the colors represent for some of those 24 countries.

Secretary of the United States Continental Congress, Charles Thompson, said in his book “Our Flag,” that the colors on the American flag represent: Red – hardiness and valor; White – purity and innocence; Blue – vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

In Cuba the red triangle stands for the blood shed to free the nation, the white stripes symbolize the purity of the patriotic cause and the three blue stripes, represent the sea that surrounds Cuba.

Panama believes that the red star represents the authority and law in the country; the white was intended to stand for peace and purity; and the blue star stands for the purity and honesty of the life of the country.

Chile views these colors as red standing for the blood spilled to achieve independence; white is for the snow-covered Andes; and blue symbolizing the sky.

The same red white and blue of the French flag represent the three main functions of the Ancient Regime society: red – nobility; white – clergy; blue – producers

The national flag of Iceland has a fiery-red cross inside the white cross with the blue sky.

The flags of Russia and Slovenia have colors of red, white and blue that appears in the flags of Slavic countries.

On the flag of Norway the red symbolizes volcanic lava, the white represents the snow and glaciers and the blue represents the sea.

On the Liberian flag red and white symbolize courage and moral excellence. The blue represents the African mainland.

In Burma, the red symbolizes courage; the white color symbolizes purity; and the blue symbolizes peace and integrity.

Nepal uses white, but does not give significance to the color. The blue border denotes peace and harmony that has been prevalent in the country since the age of Gautama Buddha, and the crimson color is Nepal’s national color, and it indicates the brave spirit of the Nepalese people.

Taiwan, the Republic of China commonly refers the flag in Chinese as Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth.

For your website done properly you will control how people are seeing red white and blue. You will target the different emotions related to the colors flags themselves. The 24 countries with red white and blue flags are not the only future clients that you will have.

Use the right colors in your website design to help you get international clients.

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