50 Tips for Successful Affiliate Selling

50  Tips for Successful Affiliate Selling Did you know that affiliate sales reached nearly $4.5 billion USD in the US alone? Don’t you think that this kind of business is an incredible opportunity for online entrepreneurs? This article provides tips, insights, advice, and guidance on how to start a digital goods affiliate business from scratch, optimize your website for better conversions, learn how to get and keep clients, understand how to pick the right partners – in a word, how…

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Understanding the Value of Social Media

Understanding the Value of Social Media for Digital Marketing and eCommerce The Internet, with its advancement and reach, has ‘virtually’ blurred borders and boundaries and truly given way to the emergence of a world where ‘impossible is nothing’. As Microsoft founder Bill Gates very aptly points out, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Since its inception in its journey till date, you will hardly ever find a single aspect in the entire world…

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