Tips to Improve User Engagement on eCommerce Stores

Improving engagement of web customers/users on an eCommerce store not only generates higher conversions but also boosts brand loyalty among them. A productive shopping experience can help you attract customers towards your web store – which in turn will maximize your sales and revenues.

Since web customers are extremely impatient, demanding and selective about their online purchases, you will need to invest more effort to get them engaged on your website. You may possibly achieve this by creating your online store on Magento.

The features, functions, and tools offered by this CMS platform can help you build a fully fledged eCommerce site from scratch. In fact, adding eCommerce-driven functionalities to a website via extensions becomes super easy in Magento. But when it comes to driving more web customers or retaining the existing ones, then you will need to pull your socks up.

Here are some amazing tricks that will help you boost user engagement with your eCommerce store:
Quality and engaging content matters a lot

No matter what you’ve been creating and promoting on the web, if it is not relevant, you won’t be able to generate leads for your business.

The structure, quality, relevancy, and spirit of the content establish the platform for a successful web business. It is the weapon that can connect more people with your brand and encourage them to make a purchase from your web store.

So, make sure your content – be it a blog post, article, forum, image, video, podcast, etc..- not only entices a targeted web audience to visit your site but also encourages them to buy something. In fact, you can set up a blog/forum section within your site to let your customers engage with you and your products and upcoming events.

Just ensure that you publish high-quality content on your website regularly as this can boost your user engagement ratio dramatically.

Discussion/participation is what you need

A beautiful and engaging eCommerce site might drive web customers, but, if you want to retain them, you will need to stimulate discussion and participation. Build activity to encourage people to leave comments, reviews, and opinions on your e-store.

You can’t expect your web visitors to start launching threads via your forum. For that, you need to take the responsibility, as a web store owner, and start building new threads for your customers. Below are a few things that you can do to stimulate a potential web audience to interact with your eCommerce store:

Post a topic/content that encourages discussion.
Ask open-ended questions from your new visitors to get their very first response, such as what’s your opinion? Or something like that.
Introduce new customers to existing ones.
Communicate with your targeted audience.
Tip: You can also hire a community manager who can interact with your targeted people on your behalf.
Add a face to customer reviews
customer review

Customer reviews can convert web visitors into potential customers with ease. Most people read customer reviews on an eCommerce site before diving into any purchasing process. This means customer reviews play a key role in boosting your conversion rate as well as sales.

Well, you can take this experience to the next level by adding customer reviews, along with their faces. There are many eCommerce stores that are using this approach to build trust among their new visitors/customers. You can add the face of the reviewer with their reviews to show that your reviews are genuine and authentic.

This trick not only stimulates customers to make the purchase but also helps you add fresh and unique content to your site, which is good in terms of SEO.

Set up a recognition System

This can be a great way to boost user engagement for your eCommerce site. For building a recognition system, you will need to provide loyalty points or virtual ranks to your existing web customers.

Give recognition to those who are active on your site. Why not interview them and publish their comments on your site. By doing this, you can create an open platform for your new customers as well.

High-quality images of your product

A web customer sees images of specific products before making the buying decision. So, focus on adding high-quality images instead of text based product category pages if you want to improve user engagement on your store.

You can add multiple angles of your product images, along with zooming functionality to give a rich experience to your potential web customers.

Create Product Video

Influential and high-quality video can convert more web visitors into potential web customers. You can showcase the main features of your products by creating a professional looking video. You can add this video on your product page to make it more entertaining and visually appealing.

Show your creativity and display the best of your work by creating engaging and intriguing videos related to your products, services or brand.

Enhance your homepage design

The home page is the most crucial part of any eCommerce site. Most of the popular stores like Amazon and eBay focus on improving their home page design to drive more customers and encourage them to buy again and again.

Instead of overloading with too many things, try to keep your homepage simple, engaging and of course personalized. Consider the following tips when re-designing your homepage:

Add more high-quality product images instead of unnecessary content.
Keep the design structure simple and clear.
A more advanced yet clear search box bar.
Use White Space properly.
Manage your product categories in a systematic way, and so on.
All these tactics will help you create a beautiful home page for your eCommerce site.

If you want to convert your web visitors into potential customers, then follow these amazing tactics. No matter what you are selling online, just make sure your real-time customers spend quality time while shopping for their desired product from your online store.

You can even promote your content on multiple web channels and social media platforms to take your customer acquisition rate to the next level. This will not only maximize your sales but also boost your brand value across the globe.

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