The internet is full of web design inspiration for people learning how to start a blog or website. There are also a number of web themes available for different content management systems, such as open source platform Drupal.

There are over one million sites in more than 180 languages currently using the Drupal CMS. That might not be as many as WordPress. But with a massive online community, and more than 26,000 developers constantly building and offering themes and resources, it's safe to assume that Drupal is a viable option for building your website on an open source CMS platform.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best paid-for and free Drupal themes to be found on the web. Happily, those in the first section are completely free!

Free Drupal themes

01. Drupal8 W3CSS Theme

This theme uses the lightweight w3.css framework
  • Price: Free

Claiming to be the first Drupal 8 theme that uses the smaller and easier-to-learn w3.css framework, Drupal8 W3CSS is designed to be simple to use, with fast loading times. It's responsive by default and provides CSS equality across all browsers and devices. It also comes with 22 predefined themes, and has 22 regions and 26 sections with changeable colours.

02. Showcase Lite

Showcase Lite supports fancy Superfish menus
  • Price: Free

Based on the popular Showcase+ premium theme, Showcase Lite is a free mobile-first theme built on the Bootstrap 3 framework. Created to help you make great-looking business and portfolio sites, it supports one, two and three-column layouts, as well as swish Superfish menus.

03. Awesome Zymphonies

Drupal themes - Awesome Zymphonies

Avoid website infamy by using Awesome Zymphonies
  • Price: Free

Designed by FreeBiezz and developed by Zymphonies, Awesome Zymphonies is a fully customisable responsive theme for Drupal 8. Built using Bootstrap 3, it's suitable for all manner of business websites and offers assorted sidebars, custom sliders and one, two or three-column pages, plus plenty of other options.

04. Mayo

Drupal themes - MAYO

All the colours! All the time!
  • Price: Free

If you want a really colourful website, MAYO should be right up your street. Using Drupal's colour module and advanced theme settings, it makes it easy for you to colour most of the theme elements, such as base, page, header, sidebar, node and footer. And in many cases, it also lets you specify the text colour, link colour, background colour and border colour of each element. Just don't go too psychedelic.

05. Space

Drupal themes - Space

Welcome to Space, unless you’re using IE8, in which case you’re already in hell
  • Price: Free

Space is a simple Drupal 8 theme that uses the best of HTML5 and CSS3 to help you create great responsive sites, complete with CSS animations, transitions, transforms and more. It uses CSS coded with SASS and Compass. And, warns the developer, it's not for the likes of IE8 and below.

06. Marinelli

Drupal themes - Marinelli

Marinelli has a three-column design plus a rotating banner
  • Price: Free

Marinelli is a flexible three-column design with eight extra collapsible regions and a slider. It also comes with integrated rotating banners at the top where you can highlight your most relevant content. This is a very attractive design that will work well for corporate websites.

07. Bluez

Drupal themes - Bluez

Get your business on with this serious corporate theme
  • Price: Free

Bluez is a great-looking Drupal theme for businesses. It has a simple, clean design with a bright colour scheme. You can customise just about everything, from the slideshow to the colours and social icons. You can even use Google Web Fonts.

08. Responsive Green

Drupal themes - Responsive Green

Responsive Green’s responsive slideshow is the business
  • Price: Free

This professional responsive theme for Drupal is another great choice for a business, no matter your niche. It features a responsive slideshow, custom social links and Google Web Fonts, along with a three-column footer.

09. Daycare

Drupal themes - Daycare

You don’t have to run a daycare centre to use this theme, but it helps
  • Price: Free

This responsive theme caters for children’s education, but can be altered for any niche. It features multiple colours, configurable header images, a multi-column layout, and has an adaptive and elegant Sass-based (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) grid system.

10. Day and Night

Drupal themes - Day and Night

Day and Night is perfect for a blog or events site
  • Price: Free

Day and Night is a wonderful responsive design that uses the Zen base theme. It features a tile layout, a clean drop-down menu and support for Sassy Cascading Style Sheets (Scass) and Sass. A great choice for an events website or a blog.

11. Business Responsive Theme

Drupal themes - Business Responsive Theme

If you have a business and you want a responsive site, this theme has your back
  • Price: Free

This is a fantastic free responsive theme developed by Zymphonies. It has a clean and minimal design that features a one and two-column layout, Nivo Slider and custom front page. Check out the live demo.

12. Hatch

Drupal themes - Hatch

Hatch’s automatic thumbnail view won’t make you cross
  • Price: Free

Hatch is the perfect theme for photographers, illustrators, designers and anyone else who wants to show off a creative portfolio. This simple Drupal 7 theme is based on the 960 Grid System, and features an automatic thumbnail view on the front page for your latest articles or designs.

13. Corporate Clean

Drupal themes - Corporate Clean

Corporate Clean is packed with more features than you’d expect from a free theme
  • Price: Free

This minimalist responsive Drupal theme is specifically designed with businesses in mind and features a plethora of options. The theme offers multiple column layouts, an adjustable slider and is also webform ready. With so many features on offer, it’s amazing that this theme is free.

14. Likable

Drupal themes - Likable

Likable is perfect for online publications, and has a slideshow
  • Price: Free

Likable is an elegant theme that would be perfect for an online magazine or blog. It features a slideshow to showcase recent posts. Check out the live demo – you won't be disappointed.

15. SimpleCorp

Drupal themes - SimpleCorp

Get creative with the CSS3 effects in this responsive theme
  • Price: Free

SimpleCorp is a stunning free Drupal theme that you will want to use. The theme is fully responsive and uses some fancy CSS3 effects for the portfolio section. The design is minimalistic and available in various colour schemes. It features social icons, a multi-column layout and a slider. It's absolutely amazing for a free theme.

16. Professional Responsive Theme

Drupal themes - Professional Responsive Theme

Professional Responsive Theme is a responsive theme that is, er, professional
  • Price: Free

Another great theme from Zymphonies, this responsive theme includes one and two-column layout support, multi-level drop-down menus and a custom front page. A professional looking theme for any business.

17. Corked Screwer

Drupal themes - Corked Screwer

Corked Screwer is one of the best-looking Drupal themes you’ll see
  • Price: Free

One of the most beautiful free Drupal themes available, Corked Screwer is a responsive design so you can be sure it'll work across a number of devices. It features a slideshow and multi-column layouts. This would be perfect for people who want to show off their work. Definitely worth checking out.

18. Blue Masters

Drupal themes - Blue Masters

Wendell Fernandes’ responsive theme is great for businesses and freelancers
  • Price: Free

Designed by Wendell Fernandes, and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers, this is a responsive theme featuring a responsive slideshow. A great theme for a small business or freelancer.

19. Andromeda

Drupal themes - Andromeda

Andromeda is a slick, minimal theme that has everything you need
  • Price: Free

A slick Drupal theme with a minimalist design. It comes with a drop-down menu, a slideshow at the top and just about everything you need for a simple site that would be perfect for a freelancer or a start-up.

20. Omega Kickstart

Drupal themes - Omega Kickstart

Omega Kickstart is a fantastic ecommerce theme
  • Price: Free

If you’re looking for an ecommerce Drupal 7 theme for your online shop, this is worth checking out. It comes with everything you need to sell products online. Plus, it’s a responsive theme, which means it will work across all devices.

21. TouchPro

Drupal themes - TouchPro

TouchPro is a simple two-column theme, optimised for touchscreens
  • Price: Free

Originally a premium theme, the Drupal community voted that TouchPro should be released for free, and you should be glad they did. It’s a simple, two-column layout and features a slider that would work well for a blog or online magazine.

22. MD-foto

Drupal themes - MD-foto

MD-foto’s layout is a bit like Windows 8, but otherwise it’s great
  • Price: Free

If you're a photographer looking for a theme to showcase your portfolio, you’re in luck. This marvellous theme is tile-based like Windows 8. It comes with a host of options, from customisable backgrounds to photo overlay. Plus it’s a responsive theme.

23. Business

Drupal themes - Business

This minimal Drupal theme is literally the Business
  • Price: Free

This minimal and elegant Drupal theme features a fixed-width, customisable slideshow, multiple column layouts and is highly customisable. It also supports Google Fonts and is great for any blogger or business.

24. Openchurch

Drupal themes - Church

You don’t have to be a church to use this theme, but it helps
  • Price: Free

Open Church is an impressive free Drupal theme that offers social and multimedia integration. It uses the 960 grid system and would suit any events-based site.

25. Responsive Blog

Drupal themes - Responsive Blog

Need a responsive blog? Nah, we ain’t seen one. Sorry.
  • Price: Free

Every company should have a blog. And having a good-looking blog is a must if you want your readers to spend more time reading your content. Responsive Blog is a simple yet eye-catching theme that features social icons, mobile support and a slideshow. So grab it while it’s still free.

26. Journal Crunch

Free Drupal theme: Journal Crunch

Journal Crunch: perfect for a blog or news site
  • Price: Free

This theme is based on WordPress's JournalCrunch theme, which was designed for Smashing Magazine. This eye-catching, free Drupal theme would be perfect for a blog, news or magazine website. Features include a one-column layout for the homepage and special rendering for sticky posts.

27. FontFolio

Free Drupal theme: FontFolio

FontFolio: comes with a liquid layout
  • Price: Free

FontFolio is a great-looking responsive Drupal theme that's perfect for web designers, artists and photographers. It comes with a liquid grid layout for the homepage and category pages, and a two-column layout for the internal pages. You can also set it up in multiple languages.

28. Splendio

Free Drupal theme: Splendio

Splendio: it’s responsive!
  • Price: Free

Splendio comes packed with features. This responsive design will work across all devices, and has been created using HTML5 and CSS3. There are loads of great themes for blogs and this is definitely one of them.

29. Selecta

Free Drupal theme: Selecta

Selecta: the best theme we’ve seen for video sharing
  • Price: Free

We haven't seen many slick Drupal themes for video blogs, but if you're into video sharing then this theme is definitely worth checking out. You can also include your top five favourite videos and allow users to share them on social networks.

30. TB Sirate

Free Drupal theme: TB Sirate

TB Sirate: we can’t believe it’s free
  • Price: Free

If you're just starting out online, this high-quality theme has everything you could possibly need – plus an attractive design that's not easy to find. Compatible with all devices, this theme also comes in six different colours and with a built-in mega menu.

Paid-for Drupal themes

31. Porto

Porto comes in both light and dark styles
  • Price: Regular licence $59

Enabling you to build fully responsive sites that look stunning on any device, Porto is a multi-purpose Drupal theme suitable for creating portfolio or business sites. It offers boxed and wide layouts in both light and dark styles, and it includes template and view support for Drupal Commerce.

32. Enar

Enar comes with ready-made templates and plenty of theme settings
  • Price: Regular licence $48

Created using the Twitter Bootstrap 3.x framework, Enar is a responsive Drupal 8 framework that'll build sites suitable for pretty much any device you care to mention. It comes with over 10 ready-to-use homepage templates and features a simple drag-and-drop interface, with powerful shortcodes and theme settings.

33. TheMAG

TheMAG offers four header styles and a drag-and-drop page builder
  • Price: Regular licence $50

A highly customisable, responsive Drupal blog and magazine theme, TheMAG is packed with features to help you build amazing-looking, content-rich news sites. Its drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to put things together without any HTML knowledge, it offers unlimited page and colour variations, and it comes with four header styles to choose from.

34. Fiora

Drupal themes - Fiora

Fiora has everything you’d expect and doesn’t skimp on the details
  • Price: Regular licence $58

Designed to provide all kinds of creatives with cutting-edge portfolios, Fiora is suitable for single and multi-page sites, and offers everything you'd expect from a modern theme, including responsive design, retina display and pro shortcodes. It also delivers on the details, giving you full control over layout, effects, colours, fonts and icons.

35. Bracara

Drupal themes - Bracara

Bracara wins! Fatality!
  • Price: Regular licence $48

Built using Bootstrap 3 and designed to create fully responsive sites that look great on smaller devices, Bracara is a clean, multi-purpose Drupal template suitable for corporate site and individual portfolios. It features clean, well-documented code that’s easy to edit, and there’s a set of tutorial videos to help you get to grips with it.

36. Splash

Drupal themes - Splash

If you want an online store, Splash will soak you in ecommerce goodness
  • Price: Regular licence $48

If you have something to sell then Splash might be the Drupal theme you're looking for. As well as being a flat, clean and responsive theme suitable for businesses of all sizes, it's integrated with Drupal Commerce, making it easy to build your own online store. It also features a drag-and-drop layout builder, plus loads of shortcode possibilities to help you customise your site's look.

37. Mistix

Free Drupal theme: Mistix

Mistix: a good choice for a portfolio site
  • Price: Regular licence $48

If you're a freelancer looking to showcase your portfolio online, this could be the perfect theme for you. It includes a big slider at the top where you can promote your latest work and it come in eight different colours. This one is perfect for photographers and web designers.

38. Cooker

Free Drupal theme: Cooker

Cooker: perfect for a restaurant site
  • Price: Regular licence $48

Cooker is a fantastic HTML5 and CSS3 Drupal theme that would be a great choice for restaurants, bars, pubs or bistros. The theme comes with dynamic product displays and you can integrate social media, as well as have people sign up for newsletters.

39. Vivo Creativo

Free Drupal theme: Vivo Creativo

Vivo Creativo: suited to freelancers and agencies
  • Price: Regular licence $48

Here’s another gorgeous Drupal theme that’s best suited for freelance professionals or creative agencies. You can use the top slideshow to present your latest work while at the bottom you can add client testimonials. Of course, you have the possibility to customise it as much as you like.

40. Cenus

Free Drupal theme: Cenus

Cenus: attention-grabbing
  • Price: Regular licence $48

This template is available in light and dark versions, and come with a unique circle image style that's bound to grab visitors' attention. It's easy to install and comes with a custom panel allowing you to create a gallery for your images. Perfect for freelance designers who want to showcase their work.

41. Perspective

Free Drupal theme: Perspective

Perspective: easy to edit
  • Price: Regular licence $48

Here’s a simple yet effective Drupal theme for any business website. The clean and organised layout allows you to present your latest projects, blog posts and clients. It also come with a number of HTML shortcodes and extremely easy to edit.

42. Converge

Free Drupal theme: Converge

Converge: has a fancy slider
  • Price: Regular licence £58

This beautiful Drupal theme comes with a fancy slider at the top allowing you to showcase your products or latest work, in case you want to use it for your portfolio. Features include unlimited colours and advanced typography options.

43. Proma

Free Drupal theme: Proma

Proma: responsive and colourful
  • Price: Regular licence $48

Proma is a responsive Drupal theme that features 15 colour variations and nine different backgrounds. The slider and the effects make it engaging, and you also have the option to embed a video on the homepage. Definitely worth checking out, even if you're just looking for some inspiration.

44. News Center

Free Drupal theme: News Center

News Center: good for an online magazine
  • Price: Regular licence $59

News Center is perfect for blogs or online magazines. This fully responsive theme works in both landscape and portrait mode on smartphones, and comes with 27 fancy jQuery effects for the homepage slider.

45. Grider

Free Drupal theme: Grider

Grider: comes with seven colour variations
  • Price: Regular licence $48

This is one elegant Drupal theme that would be perfect for businesses. Created using HTML5, this responsive theme is available in seven different colour variations and is easy to customise.

46. TouchM

Free Drupal theme: TouchM

TouchM: optimised for touchscreens
  • Price: Regular licence $48

If you want a responsive Drupal theme that's optimised for touch devices, go ahead and check this one out. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also comes packed with features such a Google Font integration and over 220 icons.

47. Spotlight

Free Drupal theme: Spotlight

Spotlight: perfect for portfolios
  • Price: Regular licence $48

This Drupal theme would be ideal for portfolios or even an organisation promoting a cause. You have to admit it, it’s one good-looking theme with a unique layout.

48. PinBoard

Free Drupal theme: PinBoard

PinBoard: Pinteresting
  • Price: Regular licence $59

As Pinterest continues to boom in popularity, so are Pinterest-like website designs. So, if you're looking to get started on your PinBoard site, you should check out this Drupal theme.

49. Fashion

Free Drupal theme: Fashion

Fashion: good for everything from fashion to band sites
  • Price: Single site licence $69

Fashion is an elegant Drupal theme that could easily be used for a photography portfolio, a fashion designer or even a band website. The layout is clean and very well organised, which makes it easier for users to navigate through the site. Check out the demo to see it in action.

50. Antoni Photographer

Drupal themes - Antoni

Antoni Photographer: great for building an online portfolio
  • Price: Single site licence $66

The last one on our list features a one-column layout and is truly stunning. Perfect for photographers and designers who want to show off their work.

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