Twitter is an incredible place for creators. You can share work, air opinions or gather feedback. But are you one of the users keeping Twitter alive with fresh tweets, or do you see yourself in a more curatorial role, watching discussions unfold and then throwing out the occasional Like or Retweet?

Now you can find out for sure, with new web tool Tweeter or Retweeter? Simply pop in your Twitter handle and the tool will calculate your balance of new tweets to retweets, to tell you once and for all if you're a creator or curator. It's an open source project too – you can take the original source code and 'remix' it to create something new.

Tweeter or Retweeter is the work of creative developer Omayeli Arenyeka. "I kept seeing people talk about being 'Twitter originals' and being super creative and clever with their tweets," she explains. "I wanted a way to actually quantify that, something that people could show as proof." 

Find out what your Twitter profile really looks like

Arenyeka notes that a lot of what we do on social media can be unconscious, so many people's Twitter profile will look totally different to how they might expect. "I wanted to make something fun that would reveal a bit of who we are online so we can interrogate that and share with others," she adds. 

The tool was built on a platform called glitch, and uses Node.js to gather the required information from the Twitter API, plus JavaScript, a bit of jQuery and HTML Canvas for the downloadable graphic. The cool illustrations you see here are the work of Jinjin Sun. 

Curious if you're the Twitter original you thought you were? Pop your Twitter handle in at Tweeter or Retweeter? to find out for sure.

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