Hot off the (AudioJungle review team) presses: the top tracks that caught our attention this month!

Maybe it’s the summertime vibes, but we’re all about pop music this month.

We made you this mixtape highlighting our a few of our favorite stock-pop tracks, pop-up video style: 

Roll credits: this video was 100% created using items & services from Envato!

Tracks: Bouncy Energetic Happy Fun by SunChannelMusic; Energetic Uplifting By MediaTune; Spring Guitar by ProLuxeStudio; Fashion Upbeat Energetic by KornevMusic; Energetic Summer Pop by Infraction. Background is Summer Triangle Dance Vj Loop Background.

Created and edited by Envato Studio freelancer doru.

Here’s our list of the newest and best royalty-free music this month – we’ve categorized it by music genre, so you can find the right track for your project.


Bouncy Energetic Happy Fun by SunChannelMusic

An infectiously fun, positive pop track.

Energetic Uplifting By MediaTune

An uplifting corporate pop track with a sound for victory and success.

Spring Guitar by ProLuxeStudio

A catchy free-flowing pop track for great corporate visions

Fashion Upbeat Energetic by KornevMusic

A modern, energetic, positive and inspirational, upbeat and uplifting dance pop track.

Energetic Summer Pop by Infraction

A fresh, energetic, motivational dance track for positive and high impact works

Uplifting Summer Dance Pop by Guitarsstate

A funky, dance pop track great for summer video projects with slick synths and funky licks.

Fun Upbeat Energetic Pop Rock by PR_MusicProductions

A catchy & straight to the point, uplifting, positive and fast paced pop rock track


Calming Corporate by OlexandrIgnatov

A minimalistic and calming, motivational upbeat corporate music track.

Driving and Feel Good Upbeat Corporate by JohnRosso

An upbeat motivational pop rock background music for any video

Be Happy by D-Music

A happy, fun and upbeat track with a catchy melody and positive energy.

Hopeful Corporate by Antracto

An inspiring and uplifting background composition with beautiful melody and harmonics

Upbeat Corporate Uplifting Motivational by DenisDrummer85

A corporate positive track, powerful and easy listening.

Corporate Motivational by EuphoriaAudio

A motivational, corporate and inspiringly happy track.

Upbeat Inspiring Corporate by MikaelManvelyan

An uplifting and motivational corporate track with an upbeat and inspiring feel

Inspiring Upbeat Motivational by YanSof


Epic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer by Fly_Productions

An epic cinematic style music for trailers and video projects, inspiring and motivating..

Inspire Piano by Korolkov

An inspirational modern cinematic orchestral piano music.

Inspiring Cinematic Dubstep by LukePN

A huge orchestral, emotional and inspiring dubstep track.

Meditation by EightBallAudio

A delicate, atmospheric and hypnotic dreamscape.

Cinematic Action Rock by GoodIdeaProduction

A hybrid epic trailer music with aggressive guitar, electronic sounds and powerful drums.

Epic Twenty by MusicalSmile

An epic and powerful track with dynamic and emotional development.

Early Morning by AdiGold

A bright, soft acoustic, optimistic track with piano and guitars

Inspirational Emotional by CleanMindSounds

A beautiful, emotional cinematic soundtrack for any inspiring video project

Folk & Indie

Vacation by CodemusicX

A friendly and playful acoustic guitar and piano track with some percussion.

Acoustic Guitar Positive by VICTORMUSIC

An upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring acoustic guitars, bass and drums.

Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk by INTROPOLIS

A happy and uplifting acoustic indie track.

Happy Fun Ukulele by StudioCatMusic

Upbeat indie pop with big drums, ukuleles, piano, bells and percussion.

Good Times by LightBeats

An upbeat and happy track, ideal background music for fun projects or kids visuals

Catchy Upbeat Indie Summer Fun  by Sam-Stone

A fun, catchy, upbeat indie power pop track bursting with feel-good vibes.

Energetic Indie Rock by AlexGrohl

A positive, happy and cheerful track for inspirational and uplifting projects.

Acoustic Upbeat Indie Uplifting by MarquivioSilveira

A motivational and uplifting indie acoustic track with an upbeat and inspiring feel.


Beautiful Electronic by BerryDeep

A beautiful electronic track featuring organic sounds, broken beats and deep bass.

Summer Future Bass by Gilv

A deep composition with modern sound and powerful rhythm.

Emotional Electronic Trailer 2 by ikoliks

An emotional, downtempo and powerful electronic track memorable synths.

Motivational Future Bass by AncepScore

An energetic and happy future bass track, with elements of trap and a beautiful melody

Close to the Edge by LoopsLab

A unique mixture of electro & pop with driving bass, smooth melodies, synths and fx.

In Future Bass by SONAR_AUDIO

A modern, upbeat and catchy electronic track in the style of Future bass.

Jazz & Hip-Hop

Electro Swing by BeWebFactory

An electro jazz track mixing traditional strings and gypsy guitars with a fat drum and bass beat.

Big Band Jazz by GoodMusicMood

A Modern Big Band Jazz track with Latin feel, funky groove

Cinematic Hip Hop by ContrastAudio

A cinematic track with hip-hop piano & strings, deep sub bass and rap beats.

Upbeat Hip Hop by Micrah

An upbeat and summery fresh hip-hop track.

Gypsy Electro Swing by JK_Production122

A lively electro swing piece with piano, accordion, and gypsy acoustic guitar.


Power Alternative by Boris_Staralsa

A fun and powerful alternative rock track!

Rock That Energy by Soundroll

Fast energetic rock music with overdrive guitars, background vocals and shouts.

Upbeat Uplifting Rock by Jazzy2001

A motivational upbeat rock track with an emotional and positive mood.

Energetic Rock Beat by Octosound

Big catchy drums and claps, distorted guitars, with hip-hop style vocal chops.

Motor Sport by AlexanderRufire

A Modern driving rock music with energetic theme.

Punk Rock Party by AntaresMusicProduction

Great punk rock chops. Positive, energetic, and perfect for high impact visuals.

Upbeat Rock and Roll by Luiza_D

An upbeat, energetic and uplifting commercial indie rock track with catchy vocals.

Stomps Claps Sport Rock Beat by RedWineProductions

A tough and gritty, big stomping rock track to make any big presence felt.

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Images: Music Pattern Backgrounds by themefire.

Written in collaboration with the Envato review team. 

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