The trajectory of graffiti as an art form is full of a rich history of resistance, rebellion, and reclamation. Graffiti sends both a message of defiance and inspiration to those who view it.

If you create graffiti then you treat your art as any other artists would, and you look for new sources, and new ideas whenever, and wherever possible.

Ten Examples of Cool Graffiti to Inspire Your Next Work

It’s no wonder that you have a passion for it. Your cool graffiti art lives and breathes out in the open.

But even a passion as strong as yours can use a little nudge of inspiration. Here are ten examples of graffiti to inspire your next project.

1. Breaking Through the Wall

a breaking through the wall cool graffiti

This piece of cool graffiti is visually stunning. It’s bright and detailed, and it uses the wall as a literal jumping off point. It also symbolizes a breakthrough.

This breakthrough could be for the artist, it could be for the community that it was painted in, or it could be for you.

That’s because it shows that graffiti is so much more than scribbled words, and crude drawings. It has incredible potential.

2. Eyes on the World

an eyes on the world a breaking through the wall cool graffiti

This piece showcases the potentially playful side of graffiti, and it also illustrates the connection between the structure and the art.

The artist cleverly used the windows as the eyes of the piece, and it may allow you to think about ways you can incorporate structures themselves into your work.

You take what is already there, what looks ordinary, and you find a way to make it more interesting.

3. Large-Scale Art

a large scale art a breaking through the wall cool graffiti

This cool graffiti is impressive because it tells a complicated story, and it does so on a massive scale. It’s hard not to look at this large graffiti piece, and not be fascinated by both the artistry, and what it took to accomplish it.

This is a piece that can get you thinking about how your work can operate on a larger scale. It challenges you to think more significant than you have been.

4.  An Astronaut on Earth

an astronaut on earth cool graffiti

In keeping with thinking big, this piece of graffiti done on shipping containers will have you equally awestruck. But it isn’t just the scale or even the detail here that is worth taking inspiration from.

It’s the fact that graffiti can make sense of so many discarded objects. That’s the kind of concept that can help inspire your future work. What else in your community has been so haphazardly dumped, and how can you rejuvenate it?

5. A Bird Without Paradise

a bird without paradise cool graffiti

The presence of a brightly colored, vibrant bird on plywood that covers a boarded-up window creates a great juxtaposition in this piece.

It makes you think when you look at it. This piece shows that graffiti is about finding beauty in places where it wasn’t before. The boarded-up building is depressing, but the bird is hopeful.

It might make you consider how you can use your art to uplift your community.

6.  All Along the Abbey Road

an Abbey Road sign cool graffiti

Sure, this Abbey Road sign has taken quite a beating. But, the randomness of it is stunning. It is nothing more than a permanent doodle. Like something you might sketch on a post-it note while on a phone call.

But, it illustrates the wild, almost whimsical way the mind works. It also represents how graffiti belongs to everyone, and how everyone can participate in making it.

7. A Ship on a Geometric Sea

a shio on a geometric sea cool graffiti

This piece of graffiti plays out like a mixed media art project. It’s the perfect inspiration for how to include abstract, and geometric patterns into what you do.

It also embraces the surface that it is painted on. The bricks become as much a part of the art as the looming ship.

8. Love in Unexpected Places

a love in unexpected place cool graffiti

The rendering of this classic World War II photograph is sure to make any passersby stop and look.

It’s especially interesting because you can see beneath all the bright colors, the decay of the building.

Again, it’s forcing you to examine the juxtaposition of the bright, and happy, with the damaged.

9. When Things Are Black and White

a black and white cool graffiti

This black and white piece is inspiring because it accomplishes so much with just two colors.

You might often think your work needs to be an explosion of color, but this high-contrast piece is a reminder that the details are what is essential.

You might challenge yourself to think beyond color in your next project.

10. The Collage Effect

a collage cool graffiti

This type of collage graffiti pushes the medium beyond a can of spray paint, and it turns it into something more abstract, and more intricate.

When you can think of graffiti as more than paint, you can start to do more with it. And, change the world around you more.

Put the Inspiration to Work in Your Art

Creating graffiti requires you to be bold, edgy, and always evolving. With a little inspiration in your back pocket, you can hit the streets with renewed zeal, and transform what you see around you into a world of your own making.


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