Whenever it comes to designing a webpage, there are certain basic components that ensure its desirability. What the online audience compares between different websites is its content quality and design. Considering these two factors, the more stylish look your website generates, the more chances there are to achieve frequent webpage clicks.

Web design styles talk not only about the nature of your website, but also about how well-defined your thinking is, in terms of creativity and innovation. And the amazing thing is that you can produce various styles and enhance your website beauty with simple, yet basic web design components at your disposal.

Essentially, there are five critical elements that personify web design:


Contours or shapes compose the bounded outlines in the design. Though they are commonly found in rectangular or square format, they can be modified as per your specifications. Also, introducing images can play a dominant role in generating integrated distinct shapes within the design itself.


There are standard lines on a webpage that comprise of specific rules and borders. These lines help in defining areas that engulf different sections on a webpage, with use of either a vertical or horizontal set-up. In addition, improved readability of the web design can be assured through effective implementation of line work.


Though not a requisite, colour is considered as an attractive element in web design. It contributes to a better overall look. However, it is to be noted that the fundamental aspect of commendable web design is to primarily construct a design, and then include colour, wherever required.


Structure or texture provides a visual and tangible effect to the web design. Whilst dealing with structure, all that the web designer has to take care of is implementing either artificial or natural textures, so as to obtain the necessary effects in the design.


A laudable web design commands the visitor’s attention to see what the designer would like him to see. This aspect can be met successfully by presenting a smooth course to the design. In addition, your web design can generate movement with clear, accessible and accurate direction across the overall design itself.

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