Around the world, more than 2.4 billion people are using the internet every day that’s the biggest reason why business is earning more through online marketing and every businessman keeps the website as its first priority for business start-up.

One or another way it is a good practice for an entrepreneur to not spend their money on creating brochures and your customer can search you out online being anywhere in the world. The website has now become the first priority of a businessman and after creating a website; they have analyzed the increasing growth of their business and started getting more traffic. But simply creating a website will not drive traffic, a website should be creatively designed and attractive designing can’t be designed by an amateur designer, you have to hire a professional web designer or the best website design company in Jaipur well-known with the name of Sankalp Technology.

Marketing strategies are no doubt important for business growth but neglecting the key facts of website design will not give success to your business for more days, here are some important elements you need to keep in your mind while creating attractive website with the best web designing company to achieve best results are:-

1. Find out the customer’s requirement and focus on appearances

What so ever business is related to, your focus should be only on your customers. The purpose of any business is to provide the best products and services to customer and earn name and fame in the market. So, put your efforts into the right place, analysis the demand of customers, problems, challenges and the current market value of your product.

A website which is designed perfectly, fall below some of the designing quality will definitely grow and become successful. While designing a website the elements which should be focused more is its appearance, how your website design looks and that will drive more traffic to your site.

With designing there are certain things to consider are content and white space, if you keep these key points in mind while designing your website really stand out.

2. Choose professional for presenting your business purpose

The idea of designing should be clear at the beginning itself, after clarifying this you have to decide the outsourcing way, how to proceed with the hiring of professionals, where to find them. Designing a website is the complex task that should not be done by an amateur, professional skills are required which one may acquire a good experience.

A well-qualified web designer should be excelling in some of the technical skills required for performing best in respective field:-

HTML: Your design needs to have fine tuning with HTML code and help in designing best website .HTML code used in programming is quite difficult and hard to maintain.

Good Graphic design and Good color experience: The Good graphic expert is needed for designing attractive photos, logo and optimize the size of images and color is also the major participant in designing the pages.

Website navigation: It help the visitor to move comfortably on the website and good navigation design will give a better experience to customers on the websites having more than 20 pages.

JavaScript and Flash programming: Flash and JavaScript features help in making websites more functional such as drop-down navigation, automatic pop-up windows, and animations.

To be a good performer you need to have a good experience and gaining experience is not one day magic, you have to put all your efforts to prove yourself. So, if you think you can design your website by yourself by seeing YouTube videos then I think you are at wrong path. Money matters, but why to save here? It’s your business which represents your name in the market, so go for a professional designer or hire a best website designing company.


3. Impressive Content

After visiting on your site, your main motive is to stay that customer for a period of time and this would generally not happen with many of the websites that’s how they lose their customer. Always remember to make your content more interesting, communicative and must include a clear call to action.

For a good SEO, you need to get backlinks from particular keyword regularly and content searchability is one of the important factors in SEO strategies. Customers always search for the information which they need actually and requires good content for directly communicating with each user. Your content should have the reasons for a visitor to return back to your website.

4. Usability and Responsiveness

Nowadays desktop phone usability is overtaken by Mobile phones and maximum people are using the internet on their smartphones rather wasting their time in opening computer systems, which is why responsive website design matters.

Responsive web design is now on top of the demand, providing a great user experience and eradicates the need for a search engine to crawl and index different versions of the site which is similar.

A usable website needs to have the logical arrangement of web pages, the language used should be helpful for visitors and if visitor might have clicked on wrong site link then visitor should easily find out their way back.

 Customers should feel comfortable and find things easily on your site once visited and this could be done by proper navigation. You may have complex business and a lot of product but managing all this together is an art of a best website designing company. All the buttons should be displayed on your homepage so that customer can get things easily.


5. Make easy for people to find you

Search engine optimization work should be done properly on your site so that search engine can find you easily and rank your site on top on the Google’s first page. Keywords suitable to your business should be used and the most common mistakes done by most of the people is to insert key text on Flash animation and search engine cannot read text implanted on a website.

Take some time to learn about the SEO tools and basic requirements and make your website SEO friendly. If you need to get more traffic on your site you have to follow all Google’s guidelines to get maximum backlinks from reputable sites.

6. Loading speed of the site

People don’t have much time to wait for your site to open; they simply hit the back button and search for another website. For every bounce, you are losing your customer and your opportunity. Google ranking algorithms have included this page speed element as an important ranking factor for both mobile and desktop. Google has provided some sites where you can check the speed score for your website and analyzes the page performance for responsive and desktop websites. It has given the score of 85 or above for well-performing sites and for better performance the site will get a high score for ranking.

Page speed insight is the tool provided by Google for free to check the speed score and even it can also pinpoint a period of time for which a customer has to wait for appearing a page fully in a browser.

To check speed score for your website now, click here to know by simply entering your URL.


Recognizing your need is the primary step and then you move forward with business planning and making strategies. A good website is not depending on one or two factors, a complete list of the requirement should be fulfilled by a professional designer to achieve the best output.

Hiring a best website designing company will reduce your burden to some extent by their skills and knowledge of the latest trend in the market, they are having polished skills on which you can belief and relax from those amateur technical persons.

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