Having a successful online business depends on many things. One of the most important is your opt-in email list. Unfortunately many new marketers find building an active list of customers or prospective customers a difficult task.

If you are interested in finding out how to get your opt-in email list started, then I have written this article with you in mind.

First of all you must realize that having your own email list is important to any online business. It has been said over and over that "the money is in the list", so this means if you do not collect names and email addresses from people who are visiting your web site you are losing out in a very big way.

Getting traffic to your web site is not the easiest thing to do. Most traffic that will go to your site will only do so once. It is to your advantage to be able to somehow collect and store your web site visitors information for use at a later time.

Your ultimate goal for building your list is to set up a way for you to contact your web site visitor over and over again after they visit and leave your site. You can then keep in contact with them by sending regular emails containing your products, services and promotions all automatically.

Building your email list the right way will also ensure that you have permission to send your email to the individuals on your list. Having your own email list setup to follow-up and broadcast to all of your customers and prospective customers is a very powerful tool.

The Best Basic Methods of Building Your List

Basically building your list is just collecting the name and email of interested individuals who visit your web site. The best way to do this is by putting a opt-in web form on your main web site pages where they can easily be found by visitors, usually the top of the page. To indduce the visitor to supply their email address it is customary to give them something of value and interest in return. An ebook, special report or other gift relevant to your web site subject. You will also let them know at that time that they can expect more information from you.

Adding a opt-in form to your most visited webpages is easy to do even for someone who may be new to it. You only need to know how to copy and paste the HTML code in your web page. You should use a autoresponder service like "Aweber" that will help make this task a breeze.

Pop-Up forms and squeeze pages are also very effective ways of capturing your visitors email addresses. With the pop-up you just have to make sure that it is not easily blocked from being seen on your web site.

The squeeze page is a powerful tool lead capturing tool when it is created correctly. It will include a method of telling what your subject is about (video, audio works great) and offer something of value in return for your visitors information and permission to contact them later.

You can easily create a squeeze page with a HTML editor. Or even easier, get a ready built squeeze page template and add your own free product offer. In either case you will want to be sure that the free gift that you give away is of value, interesting information, or able to help the visitor to motivate them into trading their information for it. By using a squeeze page template you can use it over and over again with different products just by making minor changes to the content.

Using squeeze pages also give you an advantage when promoting affiliate products or services. Instead of the affiliate site capturing the visitor information for future use you get to keep that valuable information for your own list.

Regardless of what method you use to get your visitors information opt-in forms on your web pages, pop-ups, or squeeze pages, keep your information request to a minimum. It is enough to ask your visitor his email address and first name. Asking your visitors for to much information could result in your visitor not giving you any information at all. So keep it simple and basic as possible.

What is Best Single or Double Opt-In?

Because spamming has become such a big problem it is a good idea to have a double opt-in list. This simply means that the individual giving you their information has to verify by email that the want to receive information from you in the future. The double opt-in protects the persons information from being used without their knowledge and that they will only get email because they have given you permission to send it.

Building a quality double opt-in list may be a little harder to do. However it will pay off in the end, you will not only have a responsive active list of people interested in your products or services you will also have the comfort of knowing that you are not sending unwanted email to your web site visitors.

There you have the basic ways to build your all important opt-in list. If you do not have one, start today to get your going.

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