When customer visits your corporate website, you have approximately fifteen seconds to seize their attention – thus, the great importance of making an outstanding first impression. Corporate Web Designs capture and keep the interest of your perspective customers, prompting them to stay and learn more about your products and services. With so many websites emerging every day, it becomes imperative that your site visitors must be drawn into your website. With this concept in mind, here are some basic web design tips that every corporate web development company should follow.

Fast Loading web site designs

There are plenty of useful tips to follow in order to design an effective and high-quality website. However, among those tips, one that is given proper attention is to achieve fast loading website. This is the most essential tip that every corporate web development company must follow. You might design a website that looks extraordinary but few people are going to see it, if it takes a long time to load. Your designs that are optimized for the web should not take more than 15 seconds to load. Remember, most visitors are time savvy and they are not going to wait for long.

No Confusing Navigation

Another important effective website design factor is creating an easy to understand navigation for your site.  You must have seen a huge difference in website traffic when the design is easy to navigate. Website visitors always look at the more pages on a site where the navigation links are easy to understand. Make sure all your important links are at prominent places where visitors first look. Try to use the footer for your links. Have an easy and simple navigation and provide a site map.

Create a wonderful customer experience online

When a customer visits your website, they have great expectations. They increasingly want an experience that is wonderful, easy to use, valuable, aesthetically pleasing, and emotionally satisfying. To retain your customers, you have to win their hearts and minds by providing them with a compelling user experience that is usable, and desirable. Treat your website visitor like the way you will treat them in your office. Make clean and aesthetic landing pages for your product and services. Try and create a separate customer service page.

Browser Compatibility-

Make sure your site is a browser compatible. Your web site should not only look good in Netscape but also in Internet Explorer. Don’t stop developing your website as soon as you find that it looks great on Internet Explorer. Usually Netscape gives some problems, especially when you try some complicated HTML designs. However, don’t give up soon; usually with patience these problems can be easily resolved.

Readable and professional looking fonts

Professional appearance is a must. Just by looking at the font you feel that the site is not professionally prepared. And, you clicked out of a site because of the font readability and non-professional looks. . So try to use common and professional web fonts. The fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana are professional fonts. Don’t let your visitors to click out of a site just because the font is in Comic Sans and the color is a bright pink or green.

If you’re Corporate Web site is sluggish, busy, frustrating, or dull, providing a poor user experience, chances are very likely that customers will switch to other websites.  When it comes to Web sites, many make the mistake of thinking that user experience design is just about one thing, like user interface design, or usability, or visual design, or performance. However, it’s about all of these elements working together that we have discussed above in this article.

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