Until today, 95% of Independent Business owners and Entrepreneurs hired a web designer based on the best price – and all they were getting was their web page, designed . Unfortunately for them, the wind has changed online and everyone is beginning to discover that an online presence is less about the cheap flashy looking website than it is about marketing themselves online. The new wave of Online Marketing Systems, are leaving the flashy web designer out of business now that the future of old skool moving graphic style of business card websites, is unclear.

An online presence is mandatory in the age of Information and Technology. When hiring a web designer – keep value in mind and your ears open to whatever else you will achieve, including getting a website. Now, value is a pretty broad term so a clearer explanation of what you would expect to score when you choose an Online Marketing System is:

  • Tracking / Tweaking / Split Testing for performance!
  • A steady stream of fresh new leads to your business
  • Keyword Research
  • Results Driven
  • All your copy written by professionals trained in Direct Response Marketing

Because a response is what you want right? That 's Right. You want the reader to respond directly to what it is you are offering. A direct response could be either a phone call or to subscribe to you for more information about what you offer. So I know you are wondering and it's a good thing to wonder, how do we weed out the flashy web designer from the Online Marketing Experts? Are you listening to someone talking at you about technical jargon or are you experiencing a conversation based around value and results – and there you have it!

The answer is simple. If you get a quote for a web site by the web designer that tells you it's going to look amazing, your friends will think you're cool, your customers will be blown away by how amazing your website is- all for around $ 1000 or under – without any measurable value, then it's time to politely excuse yourself from the room because you're about to embark on a walk up the garden path to where your website sets gathering cyber dust – It's so easy to be distracted by bright lights and all Talk about how cool you will look impressing others …

Another thing to remember amid the bright lights is – you get what you pay for. Web Marketers are the new age web designer – because it's not about web design anymore – it's about measurable results for a price that is built around the value of the results you will achieve.

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