vCritters (PHP, Flash, Website Design, Virtual Reality)

virtual pet websites

I will need the following done. A great majority of the designing of the

animals has already been done, I just need about 28 more animals created and

animated. Also, about 15 of the current animals need minor changes. Also,

located on page 5 of this document, I will need those animals animated too.

These are easy ones. I will basically need the head of the animals to swivel to

follow the mouse when someone mousse over it, and maybe some other simple

animation you can think of, like moving tail, sticking out the tongue, blinking

the eyes, etc. An example is this one:

For the other 28 animals that need to be created, please look at all the

animals on page 5 of this, figure out which have not been done yet in cartoon

form, and design and animate th…

Posted by 19zzz71 on 2013-06-30 02:26:29

Tagged: , virtual , pet , websites

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